Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nautical Desk Revealed: Craft Desk Makeover

[UPDATE:  This desk was sold to a Chester County, PA family as a gift for their two daughters who love the ocean and seashells.]

Last year at the height of Christmas shopping, I brought home a stray desk (for free, of course).  It has sat in my basement until this month.  For some reason, I thought the height of this holiday season would be a perfect time to tackle this project.  Really, I'm not sure what I was thinking on the timing, but it's finished and I love it!  This one is for me.  Finally, a project that is all mine.  And here's the results....

Before and After, ugly castoff desk in Dec. 2011 and now in Dec. 2012!
So how did it go from little girl 1960s desk to modern day nautical craft desk?  First, I sanded down the top to see if I had real wood underneath.  Unfortunately, it is solid wood, but there was a veneer on top.  So I had to ditch the staining idea like I did for my son's desk
Boo, veneer.
So onward I went to priming the desk and painting it white.  In the meantime, I had to remove the blue metal insert plates on the drawers, as well as the handles and decorative moulding.  Unlike moulding in the past that is screwed in with the handles, this one had tiny nails so it just needed a little prying off to reveal a flat-front drawer.
Finally, flat front drawers!
While the paint was drying, the handles got an overhaul with Kilz spray primer (already had it on hand) and white spray paint.  Normally, I love the opportunity to shop for new drawer pulls, but I wanted to preserve a little of the original desk and they were good heavy metal pull. Plus, it gives the desk a little feminity.
Spraypainting on an unusually warm December day
Next, came the fun/hard part.  I wanted to make this desk a nautical theme.  Nothing inspires me more than the beach and if this was to be a craft desk (a place of inspiration) then I needed some images of inspiration around me.  To see how I painted on the designs, refer to my previous blog (click here).  So here's the drawers, before and after!

I can't wait to get the drawers filled with supplies and start creating. Maybe Santa will bring me some new craft organizers.
Side view with the nautical compass
And a beautiful nautilus right on top
One final view


  1. So neat, Jen! Love the way this turned out. Enjoy this so much!

  2. This turned out so pretty! Visiting from thanks for linking up on Inspiration Spotlight!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Just checked out your blog. Your raspberry crumble bars look delicious! : )

  3. Very pretty!! I love nautical decor, and this is adorable!! You did a great job on it!!

    1. Thanks! Great blog you have too! : )

  4. Very cute - I love the nautical look!
    Thanks for linking up to the favorite furniture makeover party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change