Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kid Night Table redo

When my oldest son got his dresser and night table repainted, my youngest wanted to have his done as well.  This was not a fancy night table. I had gotten it for free awhile back and chose it for it's slim frame.  We needed a really small table to fit between his bed and the wall--something just to hold a clock and some books on the bottom.  This country-style table was just the right size for a second chance in our house.  Although country is not the theme of their room, the size was perfect. 
My youngest is very into bright shiny colors so when I asked him his choice of colors to paint the table, I was surprised he chose somewhat tastefully.  The brown he picked was to match his brother's dresser top.  And the cranberry was because he liked it and it matched a cranberry color in his quilt.  Best yet, both paint colors were already in the house.  So this was one of those completely free projects.  The best kind! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Antique Dresser Reveal: Mahogony

Free dresser BEFORE shot, one knob was broken
Oh, if drawers could talk!  I recently came upon this 1920s dresser for free and couldn't wait to get to sanding and see what was underneath.  The current state of it made us laugh and say, "I wonder what this grandma did during Prohibition.  Just look at all the wine glass marks!" 
There were too many water stains to count!
Nothing gets me more excited than restoring an antique piece of furniture to its original glory.  Painting furniture is a last resort when it comes to real wood.  If it's veneer or chipped up, bring on the paint.  However, if there's solid wood, it's begging to show itself off.  Some sanding and new stain can transform a piece.  Just look at this one.  Look at that grain showing through just from a little sanding!
Sanded down to show off it's grain
When it came to stain, I thought about going light and picked "Honey".  However, the wood soaked it up and turned it into its own beautiful color.  Here's the finished piece.
Who would have thought that beauty was in there?!
And where the water stains used to be is now a gorgeous top.  Just look at the wood grain on top now!
The top of the dresser
So the kids kept asking me who this dresser would be for and I answered, of course, "for me!"  I'm not sharing this beauty.  One last side by side look.