Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kid Night Table redo

When my oldest son got his dresser and night table repainted, my youngest wanted to have his done as well.  This was not a fancy night table. I had gotten it for free awhile back and chose it for it's slim frame.  We needed a really small table to fit between his bed and the wall--something just to hold a clock and some books on the bottom.  This country-style table was just the right size for a second chance in our house.  Although country is not the theme of their room, the size was perfect. 
My youngest is very into bright shiny colors so when I asked him his choice of colors to paint the table, I was surprised he chose somewhat tastefully.  The brown he picked was to match his brother's dresser top.  And the cranberry was because he liked it and it matched a cranberry color in his quilt.  Best yet, both paint colors were already in the house.  So this was one of those completely free projects.  The best kind! 

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