Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Repurposed Pasta Sauce Jars

Take a close look at your store-bought pasta sauce jars and you'll find that many of them are common Atlas Mason jars.  I purposefully buy Classico because they not only make delicious sauce, but you get a true Atlas Jar in the end.  Of course glass is recycleable, but with so many brands of food switching to plastic, I enjoy the feel of a nice heavy glass jar.  For that reason, I started running mine through the dishwasher to resuse later. 

[On an important side note, the regular canning jar screw-type lids fit these jars!  So ditch the tomato-smelling metal lid and use it open, or with a new canning jar lid.]  Now on to the craft!

What happened this week was that my New Year's Resolution collieded with my crafting personality.  And voila, I have a new motivational craft made out of leftover pasta sauch jars!  While scanning Pinterest, I found a perfect use for the jars that mixes with a personal goal...Motivational Marbles!  So I decided to make my own set to motivate me to eat healthier and lose weight.  Here's all you need to create your own motivational marbles glass duo.

2 Glass Jars, Glasses, or Vases
Glass marbles from any craft store
Paint pens in your choice of colors

[Update:  Since adding my jars to the kitchen counter, I've unknowingly added built-in accountability from my 6-year-old.  This morning he was excited to see 3 glass marbles added to the Pounds Lost jar.  Later in the day, he asked why I hadn't lost any more pounds since the morning.  At least he's watching and I wouldn't want to dissappoint!]