Thursday, March 7, 2013

French Provincial Facelift

The wonderful thing about quality furniture is that you really can pass it down through the generations.  My original french provincial bedroom furniture had already undergone a makeover to become my preteen's dresser and nightstand.  However, now my younger son who shares a room with him, needed a nightstand to match.  So off to the local thrift store I went and happened upon an almost identical match!

The moulding was a little different than the other, but that was insignificant since the moulding is always the first thing to go!  So I unscrewed the moulding (it's that simple!) and pryed off the little frenchy thing at the bottom.  A little primer and I was on my way.

Notice how there's Frog Tape on the top of the night stand?  My sister is a fan of retro formica/laminate.  She thinks it's the best thing out there for durability and withstanding stains.  She might be right.  It's not my style, but I decided to keep the top since this was going to be a nightstand for a 7 year old.  A little durability was the extra bonus I needed in this night table.  I also decided to match the night table to his dresser which was a dark wood, rather than the dark blue furniture of my other son.  And here's the final product.  As much as I wanted to buy new hardware, my son wanted to keep the original drawer pulls.

And a view of the top!