Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From Nursery to 'Tweenhood: Dresser redo

My oldest son will turn nine this September and although I'm not sure of the age cutoffs for being a tween, I'm certain he's already in that stage of life.  One evening we were discussing his younger brother's new dresser and I asked if he wanted me to update his old dresser that was painted pastel yellow and green from the days of his nursery.  Without missing a beat, he let out a large sigh of relief and said "yes!".  Now, this dresser was originally painted white in the fashion of French Provincial because it had been my dresser decades ago when I was a kid.  Having taken off the girlie moulding, painted it yellow/green and added new drawer handles, it was ready for my firstborn's nursery.  A matching night table was redone as well. 

Well this dresser needed a second chance (really a third chance).  So back to the sander and paint cans I went to turn this baby dresser into one my boy could be proud of for his room.  He helped pick out the navy blue and we settled on the dark brown paint for the top when we realized that the top could not be stained.  Here's the before and after.
The dresser after it was painted up for the nursery in 2003
And the dresser ready for my young guy's room


  1. Will follow along here too! It looks great--love the dark colors...

  2. Looks stunning! Love the dark, sophisticated look!
    Thanks for linking up to the favorite furniture makeovers of 2012 party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change