Saturday, May 4, 2019

Buffet Server Turned Tv/Media Center

When driving with my husband, I often make him pull over for furniture on the curb.  He used to roll his eyes.  But on this day back in 2017, he was the one who saw it first and pulled over.  There it was, a broken down antique server on the curb for trash!  We loaded it up and brought it home. 
I have to admit, the server sat there for awhile in the garage while I decided what to do with it.  The drawers were broken, as well as a leg,  the top veneer was peeling.  However,there was still life left in it.  The piece just neeed a new purpose.  After removing the legs, it looked like a media center and so that’s what it became!
After sanding, patching the veneer and priming the top and doors, they were ready for some navy paint....think Man Cave!  The drawers were replaced with shelves and wheels were added to the bottom.  It was quickly sold to a local man for his TV and media equipment!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

DIY Manly Bachelor Dresser

Furniture often finds me through friends or just waving on the side of the road.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but mostly it's dressers and desks that find me.  This solid baby was already half stripped when the previous owner gave up on him.  With all the drawers intact, and it being a very solid piece, there weren't any repairs to be done except completely the sanding.  Rather than strip the rest of the dresser, I added paint to the finished areas and new hardware to the drawers.
 Dovetail drawers, that are solidly still being held together are the reason this dresser had to be saved and find a new home.  Look at those solid joints!
 After sanding and re-staining the top, I taped it off and began painting the sides and dividers in a dark smoky blue.  With the drawers freshly stained to match the top, new hardware was added to complete the look.
Look at those knots and natural grain in the top!

Paint brought out the details in dresser while making them more masculine
The finished dresser
Within a day of listing the dresser for sale, it was snapped up by a young man starting out on his own.  It left for a bachelor pad,...just as planned.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Nautical Night Table (anchor motif)

Lately, I have been rescuing furniture from frustrated furniture painters rather than the curb. It seems they beat me to the "curb alerts" only to give up when they don't know what to do with their findings.  This was one such giveaway.  The original night table didn't look that bad but it came to me already primed and the drawer pulls were already spray painted silver. 

Stock photo from Google of the original night table
With summer fast approaching (this was May) I decided to go for the nautical look and just finish the paint job.  Not knowing the kind of wood underneath the primer, I wasn't willing to strip it all down.  So I continued with an off white paint and a medium gray for the anchor.  Nautical rope from ACMoore was used for the drawer pulls to comeplete the night table.
The anchor was hand-painted on both sides

Although I thought it would be perfect for a beach house, it was purchased by a mother who had just redone her toddler's bedroom into a shark/nautical theme.  Sweet dreams young boy and enjoy the new night table!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Antique Dresser: What to do when the drawers are broken...make doors!

I had the honor of another "cast off" dresser finding me.  It was the call from the curb, like a Batman Signal in the sky that came through social media to me from a friend.  There was another dresser ready to hit the great landfill in the sky and I had to come rescue it.  I have to admit, when I first saw the dresser, it did seem a little beyond repair but I took it.  At the minimum, it could be used for parts, and at the most, my biggest challenge.  I took the dresser and the challenge.  It was one problem after another but the final result is a big Second Chance in PA for this baby.
Based on the markings on the back, this dresser appears to have first been a shipping crate headed for Peacock/Stafford, KS or from this city.  Someone must have turned it into a dresser with drawers and they did a great job.

These drawer fronts had already broken off so I used an electric sander
Look at that gorgeous wood grain!
I first began with TONS of sanding by hand to peel away the cracked stain and finish.  The drawer fronts had already broken off so I could sand them easier.  After realizing that two drawers were beyond repair, I decided to glue them together, along with the center separator.  The idea was to glue them, saw them in half, and have two doors!  However, the center keyholes presented the problem so I cut them off too in order to have a center divider like with kitchen cabinets. 
Center separator removed
Glued together
And then cut for future doors!
Before the doors were complete, I needed to fill in the holes from the drawer handles and redrill new holes for door handles.  I also had to add hinges.  This was the biggest challenge.  A dresser drawer was not designed to swing open.  After much reworking, I landed on the non-mortise hinges and made the adjustments.  I also purchased vintage hardware from eBay and stained the wood in Black Cherry.  The result was perfect!

And the final product was just how I envisioned it and NOTHING like the sad castoff on the curb.  It's ready for a new home!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

This End Up headboard and footboard baseball makeover (Part 2 Bedroom)

Footboard Before and After

This is part 2 of the bedroom makeover from old This End Up furniture to a little boy's baseball-themed room.  It continued with the headboard and footboard.  I added a baseball diamond to the footboard so it would be facing out to the room.  I first applied Zinsers 1-2-3 primer right on to the wood, followed by the paint, and then Minwax Polycrylic in satin.
The finished diamond

For the headboard, I drilled two worn baseballs into the headboard posts and painted "slugger" in the center.  I did the same as above with the primer and paint and Polycrylic.  Since my handwriting is not the best, I used stencils for the letters.

The baseballs make a perfect spot to hang a hat!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

This End Up Night Table Makeover to Baseball Theme (Part 1 bedroom)

It started with a dresser by This End Up that a friend asked me redo for her grandson into the baseball style dresser she had seen earlier (click here for the first baseball dress).  You'll see that dresser in part 3.  But then I stumbled upon a matching night table and I ran with the baseball theme.  I wanted to keep the wood showing through so I opted for painting just the side panels.  Both sides of the night table were given the Zinsers 1-2-3 primer.  Then a coat or two of white paint.  I scuffed it up a bit and then added the Phillies "P". 

I used the MinWax Polycrylic in Clear Satin to seal in just the painted sides.  And with that, there's a finished night table for a little boy's room!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Turning Wood Scraps into a Garden Cage

We don't see many animals in our suburban backyard, however, when I plant lettuce and other spring crops, I swear a siren goes off alerting all the animals to come sample.  Last fall, it got so bad that I was unable to harvest anything.  If it wasn't the birds scratching in the soil, or the squirrels looking for seeds, then it was the rabbits and foxes coming to sample what had grown.  Fortunately, the deer were distracted by my neighbor's apple tree.  So, I sketched out a design for a mesh cage to sit on top of my smaller garden for the spring and fall crops.  It had to be removable for the taller tomatoes and cucumber trellis.  Here's the end result.
To build your own cage (which is also conventient for throwing a tarp on during those frost/freeze warnings at night) you only need a few supplies. 
We started with 6 pieces of 1x2s and 4 pieces of 2x4s.  They were cut down to size.  Since my 4x4 raised bed was not exactly 4x4, we had to cut the pieces accordingly.  So be careful to measure your bed first.  I also wanted to make the the back of the cage slightly taller than the front so that I could grow taller plants in the back like broccoli or romaine.

The final measurements and other supplies:
2x4s = 12" (2 for the back) and 8" (2 for the front). 
1x2s = cut according to my raised bed with the top side pieces being slightly longer to angle up.
2 exterior hinges
2 1/2' wood screws (and bolts to make it easier to remove for summer planting)
Deer resistant mesh
Staple Gun to attach mesh to the frame

Assemble the pieces on a flat surface.  We used the garage.  Then attach it to the raised bed.  Since I have a fence behind my garden, I can just rest my cage against the fence when it's open.  Otherwise, just get another 2x4 to prop it open while you plant/harvest.
 As of today, my spring lettuce is ready to eat and not a single critter has sampled them first!