Sunday, November 5, 2017

DIY Manly Bachelor Dresser

Furniture often finds me through friends or just waving on the side of the road.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but mostly it's dressers and desks that find me.  This solid baby was already half stripped when the previous owner gave up on him.  With all the drawers intact, and it being a very solid piece, there weren't any repairs to be done except completely the sanding.  Rather than strip the rest of the dresser, I added paint to the finished areas and new hardware to the drawers.
 Dovetail drawers, that are solidly still being held together are the reason this dresser had to be saved and find a new home.  Look at those solid joints!
 After sanding and re-staining the top, I taped it off and began painting the sides and dividers in a dark smoky blue.  With the drawers freshly stained to match the top, new hardware was added to complete the look.
Look at those knots and natural grain in the top!

Paint brought out the details in dresser while making them more masculine
The finished dresser
Within a day of listing the dresser for sale, it was snapped up by a young man starting out on his own.  It left for a bachelor pad,...just as planned.

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