Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas is all about Second Chances

When I started this blog, it was just a way to showcase crafts, DIY projects and ideas that preferably gave an item a second chance.  Call it recycling if you'd like but I think "second chance" just sounds more positive.  Recycling implies it was trash whereas second chance means it had value and was renewed.  As I read Christmas stories to our kids and listen to the Christmas songs being sung, I can't help but think that Christmas is the ultimate example of second chances.  Afterall, the Bible says that man had messed up in the garden (think Adam and Eve) and we were in desparate need of a second chance (a Savior)!  Being separated from a holy God and living in a sinful fallen world, what could be more precious, more important, than a second chance?!

That is exactly why Jesus came to earth to be born as a baby--to give us a second chance.  He is God and left all his rights and privileges behind to come and be born in Bethlehem.  It was for you and for me.  It was for new life.  It was to some day grow up and take our place on a cross and die.  It was to give us a second chance at a relationship with God.

Just like any present we receive, it is not truly ours until we open the package.  In the same way, Jesus was God's gift to man to make a way for us to be reunited with Him.  John 3:16 says that He was born for ALL of us, "For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."  He was a gift to you.  A present for eternity.  Don't let it sit unopened.  Receive the gift and open it to a second chance this Christmas.


  1. Amen! This same message was just laid on my heart on Sunday--Jesus brought a new beginning, a renewal, and hope to a bleak world! Our true "second chance". Merry Christmas, my friend!

    1. Merry Christmas Meredith! Hope you had a blessed time with your family!

  2. Lovely! A message not to be forgotten!