Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cushman Colonial Dresser: My Latest Bargain!

I get excited about old furniture.  I especially get pumped up about finding a piece for a bargain!  Yesterday, was my turn at a great deal.  I wandered into Goodwill to find a dresser for my youngest son.  The last dresser I found him, turned into a beautiful antique and I kept it for myself (click here for that dresser).  So, I went on the search for him again.  This time, I found a great dresser, but unfortunately, it will once again pass him by.  Not only is it too large for him, but it is a beautiful antique that my husband has decided to get in line for.  And Dad trumps son.

While I was ready to leave Goodwill empty-handed, I overheard someone say that a bunch of furniture was just dumped on the porch (instead of at the drop-off zone) and it was just sitting out there.  I bolted out the door and to my surprise, found a whole bedroom set!  Unfortunately, some other people beat me there and had already started claiming pieces.  It was a furniture frenzy!  I snagged the dresser before the employee even got the price gun.  When all was tagged, I walked off with this beauty for only $30!  Yes, that's a bargain!  The dresser is large, strong, really sturdy, and not a piece of wobbling or coming apart anywhere.

Better yet, when I got home, I looked up the company, Cushman Colonial Creations.  They produced furniture mainly from the 1930s-1050s and focused on using birch wood and solid craftsmanship.  The birch accounts for its sturdiness and the craftsmanship for how well it has held up.  Some of the Cushman pieces are quite valuable. 
"Pants" labels on stickers
So with that in mind, I had to wonder where this piece had been that it'd been reduced to a storage unit with stickers.  Really, did someone need to junk up the drawers to tell themselves what was in each drawer?  That's what we do to Ikea funiture (sorry Ikea) not antiques. 

So now it is in my hands.  The stickers will be removed, the stains will be assessed and this dresser has found a second chance at life, and a second home.
LOVE those drawer pulls!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with this!

  2. Very nice piece. I've got about 20 pieces of Cushman. If you provide the model number which would be impressed on the back, I should be able to tell you it's group name and year. From it's looks, I'd say 1950s on this one.

    1. Andrew, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it is so heavy and now filled with clothes that I can't move it to see around back. Next time we put it on sliders, I'll check.

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